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The National Phlebotomy Provider Network is a professional association of organizations and individuals responsible for the collection, delivery, analysis, and diagnosis of blood specimens. NPPN is a nonprofit organization whose members include phlebotomists, collection and delivery companies, laboratories, hospitals and other allied healthcare agencies.

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The National Phlebotomy Provider Network was established to provide people with basic, routine phlebotomy services in a way that is safe, easy, and convenient. Lab work can often be postponed or even put off completely when time constraints, transportation, and other obstacles get in the way. That’s why our team was driven to provide mobile phlebotomy services.

Getting lab work done has never been easier as NPPN strives to be your partner in health care. Our professional team is highly skilled and well equipped to come directly to your home and collect any type of specimen required by your doctor or healthcare provider. From blood samples to stool specimens, we perform our duties with the utmost sensitivity and concern for your privacy and well-being. We also care about your comfort, so we’re well-versed in handling needle phobias, difficult veins, and anxiety.

With more than a decade of experience, we’re your go-to source for mobile phlebotomy services. You can count on our team for safe, convenient, and easy health care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Don’t let obstacles keep you from getting the routine bloodwork and other services required to keep you in optimal health.

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Our Mission

The mission of the NPPN is to facilitate access to cutting-edge, world-class diagnostic care and research. We support and advocate for our members, our clients, and their patients in the pursuit of evidence-based medicine founded on the best diagnostic data available. We are dedicated to advancing our profession by establishing uniform standards of care and best practices.

Historically, our industry has been highly fragmented. While NPPN member firms continue to operate as independent business entities, we recognize the benefits of better communication, collaboration and standardization of work processes to improve the delivery and coordination of care. We continually pursue a higher level of collaboration with all key players in the healthcare delivery lifecycle: Patients, practitioners, employers, payers, government regulatory authorities, industry opinion leaders and others.


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As a single point of contact, we provide coordination when there are multiple vendors and a unified support and billing system.
With NPPN, you access experienced providers with high professional standards and common operating procedures.

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