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PhlebotomyNetwork.com offers home blood draw services through the National Phlebotomy Provider Network, a professional association responsible for collection, delivery, analysis and diagnosis of blood specimens.

This is made possible through our network of phlebotomists, collection and delivery companies, laboratories, hospitals and other allied healthcare agencies.

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I love having them come here. I’m not exposed to people who are sick, because I’m in my home. I can’t do stairs at all. So we have to be very careful about where we can go. Where we live here, there’s no public transportation. I don’t know how she’d get out the door by herself.
The Olmo Family
Husband & Wife
We’re very thankful that a company like you is willing to come and send your technician to do the blood draw. The blood draw is so important ... Our doctors rely on those results.
Mrs Evalia
Group Home Manager
She comes in cheerful -- always ... it’s a day brightener for both of us.
Mrs Smith
Wife of Al Smith
Nathan Cron and his team have consistently provided us with professional, reliable, courteous service that has allowed us to build an excellent brand and reputation in a very unique space. … [They have been] completely transparent and fair in costs and pricing, always working directly with us to communicate any changes or new requirements.
Christine Keating
Vice President of Customer Experience
Excellent customer service, friendly and professional staff members, and a quality of phlebotomy services second to none.
Greg Quinn
Regional Sales Director
Boston Heart Diagnostics
Many of my patients are busy professionals who do not want to go wait for hours at a conventional lab service center for routine blood work. They love the convenience of being able to schedule their blood to be drawn in the comfort of their own home or office.
Rich Stagliano, M.D.
Live Fit Medicine
We have found them to be reliable, professional, and friendly. I have confidence they would be an asset to any medical establishment in need of phlebotomy services. Happy client for over 4 years!
Carrie Goins, MA
Sacramento Center for Health & Healing
I would be happy to recommend you for any home blood draws needed in the future.
Rachel A Freiberg Ph.D.
Clinical Research Coordinator – Radiation Oncology
Cancer Clinical Trials Office at Stanford
[They] did an outstanding job serving our clinical research trial at Stanford in 2010-2011.They handled last minute requests adeptly, and showed commitment to upholding our research protocol throughout the study.
Amy Wasterlain
MD Candidate
Stanford School of Medicine

How Mobile Phlebotomy Works

Mobile Phlebotomy is, in short, the practice of phlebotomy outside the context of a clinic or laboratory environment. Mobile phlebotomy may occur at the bedside of a homebound patient, or at a skilled nursing facility, on site at a Bio-tech company or research organization, or at the offices of a business for a corporate wellness program.

In essence, Mobile Phlebotomy can occur almost anywhere when specimen collection is needed or wanted at the location of the patient. It is like taking the lab to the patient.

However, other than mobile specimen collection for blood donation, like the Red Cross does, mobile phlebotomy most typically does not occur inside a “blood mobile” or Red Cross style van.

It is a common misperception that the mobile phlebotomist is going to pull up to your home or office for home blood draw services in a large van and expect you to step inside the “mobile lab”. Most mobile phlebotomists use compact, fuel efficient vehicles simply for transportation and the actual specimen collection activity occurs in the patients home or office.


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