MobiLab Express™

The Specimen Pros™

Mobile Phlebotomy for Biotech Companies

Getting lab work done is easy! NPPN serves as a partner to Biotech facilities: we are your fast, affordable, professional source to collect any type of human specimen that you or your team may use for diagnosis and treatment, from blood samples to stool specimens, and to transport it to the lab for processing. We are available on-demand, on a per draw, by appointment basis.

NPPN mobile specimen providers are experienced professionals who are committed to patient care and to meeting the unique needs of the biotech community:

Law Enforcement Forensic Labs: NPPN providers understand the importance of documentation of response times and the protocols that protect chain of custody. As a mobile service, we can respond to a variety of locations, from medical facilities to accident sites, and can collect specimens even with difficult or combative subjects.
Biotech Research Facilities: Your NPPN mobile phlebotomist will collect samples at your facility or at the subject’s home or place of business, which allows your team to focus on research and development protocols.
Your NPPN phlebotomy team will draw blood and perform other duties with the utmost sensitivity to your subject’s well-being.