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Getting Lab Work Done Is Easy!

As a premier specimen collection service provider, NPPN is your one-stop shop for phlebotomy, and other specimen collection support. We directly employ phlebotomists and our central operations team manages the entire process.

Your Partner in Home Care

NPPN serves as a care partner to your home care agency. With NPPN as your diagnostic support partner, your patients will avoid waiting in line at a local lab or hospital for hours, just to be stuck in the arm by an unsympathetic technician, and your nursing staff can spend their time on other critical care needs, rather than performing blood draws and other specimen collection. 

We save you time and resources. Having one of our mobile phlebotomy technicians scheduled to visit your patients at home, means your nursing staff do not have to spend uncompensated time performing blood draws that your agency cannot bill to the patient insurance. Your patients avoid the unnecessary, time consuming, and potentially risking trip to the lab, and the doctor receives the results exactly the same as if the patient had gone to the lab. It’s a WIN – WIN!

NPPN is a fast, affordable, professional resource for collection of any type of specimen that a doctor or other healthcare provider may use for diagnosis and treatment, from blood samples to stool specimens. We collect the specimens per the lab instructions, and then transport them to the laboratory designated by you, the patient insurance, or the practitioner. 

NPPN is not a lab, and we do not conduct any testing. Because NPPN is an independent specimen collection support provider, we are able to collect specimens for any lab, and deliver them to wherever they need to go.  

NPPN is a contracted, in-network ancillary care provider for many managed care plans. This means our services may be covered for some of your patients. The patient’s insurance will cover the laboratory testing fees, as it normally would.

We are available on-demand, on a per draw, by appointment basis. Your agency saves time and resources, and your patients continue to get the diagnostic care they need.

Blood Draw with Care

NPPN mobile specimen collectors are experienced professionals who are committed to patient care. With NPPN, your agency will access the most experienced, skilled, and highly compensated phlebotomists in the laboratory services sector, employing the highest professional standards and operating procedures in the industry today.

We are experts in geriatric patients, and patients with special needs, including needle phobia, difficult veins, and anxiety. To achieve consistent quality care outcomes, your patient’s are assigned a ‘case worker’ phlebotomist, who will see your patient each time an order is placed. The technician becomes familiar with the patient, and your patient becomes accustomed to the same phlebotomist.

An Extension of Your Home Care Agency

Navigating the healthcare field today can often be overwhelming to the patient and family. The complex care systems, multilevel management, and fractured communication between them too often leaves the patient and their family feeling lost, frustrated, and confused.

You can trust us as a partner in providing the best care possible to your patients and their families. Let us help your team focus on nursing care by allowing us to collect, process and deliver your patient’s laboratory order, wherever it needs to go. 

Helping Home Care Agencies Navigate COVID-19

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has affected all aspects of medicine, industry, and research. The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has affected all aspects of medicine, industry, and research. 

But NPPN has adapted to the challenge. In March of 2020 we implemented our pandemic response plan, which includes, in addition to all standard biosafety precautions, the CDC and OSHA recommend heightened contact precautions, airborne precautions, and eye protection (e.g., goggles or face shields) to protect patients and our technicians from exposure to the virus. As well, we have established a workforce monitoring program to ensure the safety and health of patients and our front line personnel. This response plan has enabled us to maintain maximum flexibility while responding to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Since March of 2020, many of our healthcare provider clientele have leaned heavily on us with increasing case loads of their at risk patient populations. We are actively engaged in providing direct mitigation of virus spread by enabling these patient to stay home, out of clinic environments, and out of laboratory waiting rooms, while continuing to maintain continuity of care and diagnostic monitoring regimes. 

The CARES Act allows for a Medicare-eligible home health patient to be under the care of a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or a physician assistant who is working in accordance with State law.

These physicians/practitioners can: (1) order home health services; (2) establish and periodically review a plan of care for home health services; (3) certify and re-certify that the patient is eligible for Medicare home health services.

These changes provide the flexibility needed for more timely initiation of services for home health patients, while allowing providers and patients to practice social distancing. Utilizing NPPN phlebotomists to provide laboratory collection and delivery services is simply good medical care. 

Adapting to COVID-19

NPPN has adapted to this extraordinary challenge to ensure that our communities are kept safe and healthy, while maintaining continuity of care and diagnostic monitoring regimes, as well as supporting the critical research needed to defeat this virus.

Our team has been specializing in specimen collection for home bound and limited mobility individuals for decades. We have the experience and skill required to support your organization and your community of patients, especially during the current pandemic.