MobiLab Express™

The Specimen Pros™

Mobile Phlebotomy for ALF / SNF

Getting lab work done is easy! NPPN serves as a partner to ALF/SNF providers: we are your fast, affordable, professional source to collect any type of specimen that a doctor or healthcare facility may use for diagnosis and treatment, from blood samples to stool specimens, and to transport it to the lab for processing. We are available on-demand, on a per draw, by appointment basis. By using an NPPN mobile phlebotomist, your nursing team can focus on providing superior patient care.

NPPN mobile specimen providers are experienced professionals who are committed to patient care. We will draw blood and perform other duties with the utmost sensitivity to your patient’s well-being. We are experts in patients with special needs, including needle phobia, difficult veins, and anxiety. To lessen a patient’s anxiety, schedule your NPPN provider with a standing order so your patient can get accustomed to the same phlebotomist.