MobiLab Express™

The Specimen Pros™

Mobile Phlebotomy for Managed Care Providers

Navigating the healthcare field today can often be overwhelming to the patient and family. The complex care systems, multilevel management, and fractured communication between them too often leaves the patient and their family feeling lost, frustrated and confused. You can trust us as a partner in providing the best care possible to your patients and their families. Our team has been specializing in specimen collection across the healthcare spectrum. We have the experience and skill required to support your patients.

What can we do for you?

We provide you and your patients with the most convenient, comfortable, and cost efficient way to access the laboratory testing needing. We specialize in mobile and on-site specimen collection, processing and delivery services. Our mobile medical specimen collection and delivery solutions makes getting lab work easy.

The time is now to focus on eliminating inefficient and poorly organized care. Focusing on valued-based care will ensure real savings and transform the system as we know it. The Affordable Care Act focuses on increasing patient access to care, improved patient experience and quality and decreasing the cost to care. By contracting with us for our services, your patients will have greater access to technicians that will come to their home eliminating the need for chronically ill to be exposed to other patients.