Labcorp Home Draw - Blood Draw and Delivery to Labcorp

Does Labcorp do home blood draws?

Labcorp does not offer home blood draws directly through their facilities, and they do not have any mobile units to send to collect samples. In situations where a patient may need a blood draw from their home, hospice, or other long-term living or care facility, a 3rd party is used.

This is where we come in! The National Phlebotomy Providers Network is a nationwide non-profit organization that works with labs and doctors’ offices to provide patients with an alternative to going to a lab to have their blood drawn.

Our phlebotomists are accredited, licensed, and highly trained to draw your samples with ease and efficiency. Once your samples are drawn, they will securely hand-deliver them to LabCorp for testing.

What is an at-home blood draw?

A home blood draw is done in exactly the same way as a blood draw at a lab or doctor’s office would be. The only difference is that you can remain in the comfort of your own home and our qualified, trained, and friendly phlebotomists will come directly to you!

The phlebotomist will arrive with everything that is needed to perform the blood draw once you have made your appointment.

Be sure to ask your doctor if you need to follow any specific instructions, such as fasting, prior to your appointment, and be sure to drink plenty of water to help make the collection process easier.

Does Medicare pay for home blood draws?

While we work with the majority of insurance plans, unfortunately at this time Medicare does not offer coverage of home-bound blood draw services. In some cases, such as when a secondary insurance is available as supplemental coverage, then they may cover the cost of your blood draw if you are house-bound, of limited mobility, etc.

Without coverage, there will be a one-time fee for a blood draw. Typically, this fee will not be more than $99.

We advise that you contact your insurance provider directly for a more detailed list of exact costs and coverages.

Do you need an appointment for blood work with us?

Yes. It is easy to schedule an appointment for yourself or for a family member, such as an elderly parent. We also accept appointments from healthcare practitioners on behalf of their patients.

To schedule your appointment we will need:

Can I get my blood drawn and sent to LabCorp without a referral?

In the majority of cases, a lab order is required to be filled out by your doctor in order to have your blood drawn. This sheet is called a laboratory requisition form and it is what tells your phlebotomist exactly what needs to be drawn so that LabCorp can run the proper tests.

In addition to having specific tests marked, it will also have diagnosis codes which are essential for insurance purposes.

There are some situations where a doctor’s orders may not be required, such as for paternity testing, depending on the state that you live in. These situations are rare, however, and LabCorp will typically require a doctor’s order for any tubes that are submitted.

What kind of blood tests can I have done?

There are a wide variety of tests that your doctor may order. The majority of these tests will require a single tube of blood to be drawn. Some of the most common tests include, but are not limited to:

Your doctor will determine what kind of tests you need depending on any preexisting conditions or diagnostic concerns.

How long will it take to process my blood work?

The majority of tests only take 24-48 hours to perform, however, in some cases this testing time may take longer. You will not be contacted by our team or LabCorp when your tests are complete, instead, your doctor’s office will call you with the results.

If it has been a few days since your blood was drawn and you have not received the results yet, follow up with your healthcare provider or doctor’s office for an update.

HIPPA laws prevent us from obtaining or reviewing your results or medical records after we have done your blood draw and submitted the samples for testing.

Do you offer Labcorp blood draw services in my local area?

We offer services across the United States in most metropolitan areas. If you are unsure if we service your area, please reach out to our helpful support team for more information.

More about National Phlebotomy Provider Network

We believe that all patients should have access to high-quality, professional, and compassionate health care. We at the National Phlebotomy Provider Network strive to do our part to help provide access to life-saving diagnostic blood tests to as many people as we can.

We understand that not everyone is capable of traveling to a collection site, such as LabCorp, every time that they have to have their blood drawn. Our goal is to provide fast, safe, and secure blood draws from the comfort of your own home.

Many people put off getting their blood work done for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

If you have been unable to get your blood work done for these or similar reasons, consider giving our services a try. We look forward to helping provide you with a pleasant and virtually painless experience.

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